Thank you from your winner – Richard!

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We asked Richard to tell us about winning I’m an Engineer, and here is what he said…

richardsymondsFirst off, I think my peers Krishma, Anya, Daryl and Ronnie will agree, this has been an incredible project which I/we have thoroughly enjoyed. Not only have I enjoyed speaking directly with the students, who have a genuine interest in (all,most,some) of what I and the other engineers had to say, but I was interested in some of the answers given by the other Engineers and hearing about their work. It’s been very interesting reading your points of view.

The live chats were CRAZY! There was a lot going on, and I would like to send a thunderous round of applause to the moderators. They have ensured everything has ran smoothly even chasing us engineers when no one was in a chat. All the staff at I’m an engineer should take a bow. This is a great project which needs more publicity I feel!

Last but not least, you students! You have kept us on our toes for the last two weeks. There has been a great variety of questions, from the strange to the common, from politics to space, to fiction to engineering. We have covered a lot. I enjoyed answering every question. I truly hope some of the advise given is helpful, I hope you find your careers as enjoyable as I find mine, who knows you may be taking part in this passing your advice on to others (best part of engineering I think).

Holy cow! I won! … Thanks Guys, I am honoured! My initial idea doesn’t meet STEM requirements so I am changing it (I sound like a lousy politician). I know intend to develop an app and website where students can continue to send questions directly to engineers and set up a blog including videos to answer the questions. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this and I which you all the best with your coming exams and futures! -Rich

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